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We like numbers.  So.  $50bn. That is the amount of transactions we have advised on in the public markets. $450m is the amount we have raised for portfolio companies in private capital markets.  0. Is the number of our portfolio companies that are zombified or truly dead. 50. Is the number of applications we get a week to work with us.  80%.  The number of start ups who fail to get beyond 18 months.  100%. The amount of our portfolio companies who are beyond 3 years.  42.  Well, just because.

Spectrum Internet

Sub Sector: FTTP/Infrastructure

Izy Capital is retained to provide CFO and advisory services as Spectrum looks to consolidate its position as Wales’ leading Altnet.

Project Blu

Sub Sector: E-commerce/Sustainability

Izy Capital has been retained to provide advisory and CFO services to Project Blu.  The company uses recycled materials in the manufacturing of pet products and home furnishings.

Drone Evolution

Sub Sector: Hardware

Izy advised Drone Evolution on a recent equity seed round from a syndicate of strategic angel investors.  The management team has a proven track record in the industry, having formally run the Drone division for a major facilities management team.  Capital is being used to develop a range of commercial applications for the commercial aviation and security markets.


Sub Sector: Software/Clinical Support

TaperMD is a clinical decision support platform pioneered by some of the leading experts in medication management and polypharmacology.  Izy is working with the team to develop the platform and assess the market opportunity.  The product is currently in trials on three continents and will move to commercialisation in 2019.


Sub Sector: Artificial Intelligence

BIOS is fast becoming a global leader in harnessing the power of AI to decode and encode the signals from brain to body. The Founders, Emil and Oli, have extensive knowledge in computational neuroscience, machine learning and bioengineering. The company has built the world’s largest neural biomarker discovery dataset, uniquely enabling 3rd parties to create neural therapies using their platform.

IQVIA/Genomics England

Sub Sector: Healthtech

IQVIA™ (NYSE:IQV) and Genomics England are collaborating to develop a platform that will connect clinical and de-identified genomics data to accelerate treatment advancements for patients. This alliance will enable faster and more efficient drug research, more robust evidence to support treatment value, and greater access to personalised medicines.


Sub Sector: Healthcare

Circle Health, the independent hospital group, and BMI Healthcare, the UK’s leading independent hospital operator, recently announced that Circle Health has agreed to acquire BMI Healthcare to deliver a new generation of best-in-class hospitals. BMI Healthcare manages a network of hospitals and clinics throughout the UK, with over two million patient visits per year.


Sub Sector: Healthtech

In 2018, as part of a new focus on advancing the treatment of lung cancer, BTG invested $20m in Veran Medical Technologies, Inc. BTG is a global healthcare company focused on Interventional Medicine and Veran is a privately held medical device company whose mission is to empower physicians to diagnose cancer earlier and to enable precision therapy to save lives.

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