Circle Health, the independent hospital group, and BMI Healthcare, the UK’s leading independent hospital operator, recently announced that Circle Health has agreed to acquire BMI Healthcare to deliver a new generation of best-in-class hospitals. BMI Healthcare manages a network of hospitals and clinics throughout the UK, with over two million patient visits per year.

Circle operates independent hospitals in the UK and China, and also offers innovative rehabilitation and integrated care services. Peter Sullivan, Chairman of Circle Health, said:

“This is an exciting step forward for Circle Health in our mission to deliver the highest standards of patient care, and I pay tribute to the strong management team who have made this game-changing deal possible.”


Project Blu

“Izy Capital is a rare breed of early stage venture and advisory that understands the complexities of modern financing, entrepreneurship and global delivery.  Their reach is extraordinary, as is their vision.  I never feel that Dave and the team have anything other than our interests at the core of everything they do”

Geryn Evans, CEO Project Blu


“David and the whole Izy Capital team are, simply, great partners.  Approachable, direct, and always mindful of the risk/reward relationship in our growth, their vision, modelling and process management is exemplary.  Dave always sees the bigger picture and endgame and above all deals with everyone with a level of humility which is so refreshing”

Phil Davies, CEO Flyform

Mindful Work

Izy and more specifically David has enabled us to be laser focussed on delivery and customer segmentation. In a competitive market segment Dave has guided us to create a value proposition and outcomes orientated approach that is aligned with our mission of helping 500m to be more Mindful in their approach to life and others by 2025

Simon Michaels

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