Introduction to UK Esports

The UK is underweight when it comes to investment in eSports. While many countries in Europe give grants to new eSports teams, and have dedicated training centres, investment in the UK scene is relatively lacking. This is gradually changing, though, through increased visibility of eSports on mainstream platforms like BBC Three and lobbying efforts from groups such as the Association for UK Interactive Entertainment (UKIE). The United Kingdom eSports Association or UKeSA is the governing body of eSports in the eSports in the United Kingdom and a member of the International eSports Federation. They oversee governing average and professional esports, building a structure with the government, industry and community in mind.

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In the UK, they are currently five major teams who can compete on the worldwide stage, these are Endpoint, Fnatic, Prophecy. MnM gaming and lastly the most successful team in the UK, Team Dignitas. For Teams to be successful they must have great financial backing, Team Dignitas has a raft of sponsors include brands that are firmly in the mainstream, such as Alienware, Buffalo Wild Wings and Mountain Dew. Some of its commercial success in that respect might be chalked up to its recent acquisition by pro basketball teams the Philadelphia 76ers back in September of next year.

eSports is forever growing in the UK and it may be behind other countries like the US and Japan, but UK esports is in an exiting place right now, with plenty of tournaments, new initiatives and opportunities becoming available.The UK’s football Premier League revealed its official ePremier League (ePL) esports tournament back in October of 2018, after months of speculation. All 20 Premier League football clubs will be taking part in the FIFA competition which got underway in January 2019. Which could be huge for UK esports

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