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In 2019, Mobile gaming will contribute to less than half the amount of the global games market. A report by Newzoo and Activision shows that this year, there will be 2.4 billion mobile gamers around the globe. According to eMarketer, mobile is expected to top TV in terms of daily screen time this year. Many of us will spend that time gaming. Those of us who use gaming apps spend an average of 6.5 hours a week on them, and 78% use them daily. Most say they play to “pass the time.’ That’s where mobile has a clear advantage: Unlike TV, we can take our phones anywhere. The mobile gaming population has grown rapidly as smartphone technology has got better and more widely available. 

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Historically, smartphone and tablet games have existed in a bubble separate from the core console and PC market. Gaming-focused smartphones have begun to roll out to bridge the hardware gap, with the first being the Razor phone. More and more people are excited to have a beautifully-designed phone that doesn’t lack in performance. They can now enjoy their favourite games on their gaming-focused smartphones.

A game as a service is a new software which delivers games on ongoing revenue models, like on-demand videos, except you stream games. The user has access to a huge number of games which they can stream on any device, including your smartphone. The rise of game streaming is completely changing the industry, where big tech companies, such as Google, Nvidia, and Microsoft are increasingly offering on-demand game services. The rise of 5G will make this transition easier. 5G is the fifth generation of mobile networks, which exponentially increases download and upload speeds and solves the problem of low latency. 5G also greatly improves the multiplayer gaming experience as It allows plenty more simultaneous connections than the current 4G, let alone 3G. It will enable users to play mobile games on a scale never witnessed before.

Mobile gaming market will continue to grow in the coming years, especially with the introduction of googles Stadia service there may be some new competition that could eradicate the current way in which mobiles are used for gaming. The streaming service will allow games to be more accessible to phones with below average hardware.

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