Brain powered gaming

Brain-machine interfaces are a technology that has been researched since 1969, before consumer computers even existed, when a research showed that monkeys could amplify their brain signals to control a needle on a dial. Today, researches have created an interface for brain-controlled typing where users simply imagine their own hand movements to move an on-screen cursor, helping paralyzed users communicate. For mobile, a brain-machine interface could be a pivotal movement in computing. The keyboard has been around since the genesis of the computer, and its replacement will come in the form of brain-to-machine technology.

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Beyond the obvious use of brain-machine interfaces (BMI) assisting the disabled, the technology could also change how we use devices in the future, and one of the most local implementations is in gaming. Rain-machine interfaces offer a solution to the current problems with mobile gaming, namely that our hands and fingers block most of the action happening on screen. Additionally, touch screen controls just aren’t good at providing us with feedback. By getting rid of controllers, gaming could feel a lot more natural and approachable, and as a result, BMI technology will be more widely accepted and adopted. A start-up called Neurable is working on a VR game that lets players interact with virtual objects telepathically via its accessory for the HTC Vive.

While brain-machine interfaces are an inevitability, they face a number of issues that must be solved before it can be brought to market as a computing input method, let alone as gaming peripheral. The biggest problems brain-machine interfaces must solve for gaming are accuracy and latency. Gaming requires high accuracy and low latency in order for players to feel in control and be competitive.

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