Smartization in Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is the process of using and creating new digital technologies to modify business processes. Many companies are digitalising existing services however digital transformation is strategic, planned, organisational changes that arguably starts with innovative leadership to drive the changes, replacing out of date technology for new, high tech equipment and software. As the technology gets replaced it may be found that less assistance is needed to use the technology. The upgrades of Smartization will require investment however the improvements to efficiency and accuracy of the technology will be dramatically increased as well as having a competitive advantage over competitors. 

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How will it impact businesses?

Installing Smartization can initially have high costs however companies that are wanting to expand and invest in new technology to improve efficiency within the workplace should consider Smartization. Updating technology infrastructure will improve the communication and efficiency of the business increasing its potential for profit.  In today’s business environment communication and interactions with customers must be clear and quick. Smartization allows quicker and more effective communication which leads to more satisfied customers. As well as effective communication with customers improved Smartization also allows for better communication with suppliers and stakeholders which are critical in the day to day running of businesses. Due to new regulations it is more important than ever to keep data secure and reduce the possibility of security threats, by implementing Smartization into it can increase protection of information and data. If insufficient effort is made to protect personal data companies can be fined as well as leaked information can be viewed by competitor companies leading to a competitive disadvantage. Smartification allows an improved control over protection of data and information. The implementation of new technology to modify businesses will improve effectiveness of processes.

Why is it beneficial? 

Smartization is beneficial for any company looking to use new technology in place of outdated systems. By adopting Smartization it gives companies a new sustainable competitive advantage which is particularly useful when the company is situated in a saturated market. By new technology adopting tasks that were once manually done it will cut the time taken to complete the tasks as well as increasing accuracy due to removing the possibility of human error. The smart technology is highly accurate. A use of the new technology is to carry out research to look into potential opportunities to stay ahead of competitors. Smart recognition technologies can be used to increase the output of each worker for example by introducing voice recognition technology, not only does it keep workers engaged it also provides a quicker and more effective alternative to manual submission into technology. 

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